Sunday, March 4, 2007

Speechless no more

"A" asked me to watch Nishabd and comment on it. Dutifully, I went, bought my own ticket and here I am.

Lets get the technical details out of the way, Im sure everyone agrees RGV's factory has mastered the basics- excellent cinematography, brilliant acting ( from AB and the girl who plays his daughter).

The plot. No, it isn't Lolita- the hose pipe doesnt qualify. Jia doesnt play the innocent seductress. She's too in your face for that.
It isn't really American Beauty either. Kevin Bacon had nothing going for him when he falls in lust. It's closer to Poison Ivy..minus the evil intent of the homeless waif.

Question 3) Do we always have to act upon our feelings? Is not giving in to temptations THAT difficult?

2) Would the story line ( and our acceptance of it) change if..

a) he was a 45 yr old instead of 60
b) he was 60 but widowed
c)it was an Anupam Kher/Paresh Rawal/fill in any brilliant balding, paunchy actor- where you could question " Oh what did she see in him?"

3) When does a man stop being a person and becomes a man? The guys are going to love this -

Does being diabetic stop you from finding a heavenly dessert heavenly- and hence sinful?

Who is the guilty one here...the pizza guy who let the aromas of melting cheese( read young , attractive body) and pepperoni ( translation- non-disilluisoned-with-the-world -and-open-to-being-fascinated minds) or the one who would like to devour the pizza inspite of his doctor( family/society's warnings)?

Corollary- Does Every Man(and Woman) Have His(Her) Price.? Can We all be Bought by the Devil- as long as the offer is good?

Aah ..the ending of the movie...without spoiling it for people who haven't seen it yet....
I can never be caesed at the ability of human beings to find purpose in the smallest things in this case...memories :)

p.s: R, I still dont find the number of 60yr olds in the theatre funny. *grin*


Richa said...

So, in the end it wasn't really 'love' that binds them together, but a gamut of emotions, which were not portrayed well? Hmmm.

I did hope it would be much more than what it came about to be, although I sort of expected this. *grin*

'Num said...

Oh how well you play the Devil's advocate. :D
I'd stick by what I've always thought.Everything and everyone has a price.Foul tasting truth,that.